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Web strategy documentation, custom reporting implementations and data portals, briefs on best practices, client sites, and more.

Screenshot of interactive network graph visualization build around philosophy-related seed keywords and keyphrases.

Visualizing topic networks to strategize for pillar-based marketing

  • Python
  • Web scraping
  • html_requests
  • networkx
  • pyviz
  • HTML

As SEOs, we can adapt robust network analysis frameworks (like the popular networkx python library) used by data scientists to explore connections between topics.

Screenshot of Grafana dashboard using Google Search Console APIs to visualize organic performance over time.

Using open source tools for Google Search Console and other JSON API dashboarding

  • Grafana
  • Google Search Console
  • Docker Compose

Escape Google Search Console's walled garden of performance insights to create reproducable reports based on the Google Search Console API.

Screenshot of seo-tools command line interface, featuring a --help feature to allow my team to check syntax without complex documentation.

Custom technical audit tools to support SEO projects

  • Python
  • Web scraping
  • HTML
  • sitemap.xml

Custom command-line tools support my technical SEO audits to save time and improve repeatability. Why waste hours searching for errors if you can automate it?

Screenshot of the NAU SEO requests portal homepage, featuring data pulled live from Google Search Console and cached on the server.

Always-on SEO data requests portal

  • Python
  • Flask
  • Google Search Console
  • chart.js
  • Bootstrap
  • MariaDB
  • Docker

This SEO requests portal automates many of the common requests I receive, including pulling top queries per site or generating a list of all pages and documents for a migration, to free up my time for analysis and new opportunities.

Screenshot of a page in NAU's fiscal year '24 SEO strategy highlighting at-a-glance SEO strategy, pillars in the SEO strategy, and why we need an SEO strategy.

FY24 search engine marketing strategy for Northern Arizona University

  • Pandoc
  • InDesign
  • Bootstrap Icons

NAU's search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is focused—first and foremost—on using organic search as a medium for uplifting the university's responsibilities to recruit and retain students in alignment with overarching strategic plans.

Excerpt from proposal slide deck highlighting mobile and desktop layouts of proposed CTA.

Proposal: Content-specific CTA to drive increased microconversion and engagement

  • VWO Testing
  • Google Optimize
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Proposal to develop a customizable call-to-action component for posts featuring niche content. Proposal reviewed and approved by senior leadership team, including Chief Marketing Officer. Added to development backlog for future research, AB testing, and consideration for final development.